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CTE Internship and Work Study Program

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Our Career Tech Education ( CTE ) Internship and Work Study Program for High School and College students aged 16-25 enables interns to earn education credits, fair wages, and real-world experience in the areas of #Business Development and #Digital Marketing.

Internships at V-Source Office & Marketing prepare students for in-demand careers. CEO and Facilitator Valencia Sims, during an 8-Week Internship and Work Study Program Cohorts, provides High School and College students, ages 16-25, interested in a CTE Pathway, with the opportunity to "shadow" and learn relevant technical job skills in Accounting, Business Development, and Marketing.

Interns at V-Source Office & Marketing are paid wages through partnerships and are provided with a flexible work schedule. Interns are held accountable for real work results and learn to be productively engaged in remote work and virtual workplaces.

The experience gained through an internship or work-study at V-Source Office & Marketing enables students to be more competitive when applying for jobs in any career of choice. Students earn a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the 8-Week Program Cohort.

Common Career Technical Core Components of the 8-Week Program Cohort

  1. Act as a responsible and contributing citizen and employee.

  2. Apply appropriate academic and technical skills.

  3. Attend to personal health and financial well-being.

  4. Communicate clearly and effectively and with reason.

  5. Consider the environmental, social, and economic impacts of decisions.

  6. Demonstrate creativity and innovation.

  7. Employ valid and reliable research strategies.

  8. Utilize critical thinking to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

  9. Model integrity, ethical leadership, and effective management.

  10. Plan education and career paths aligned with personal goals.

  11. Use technology to enhance productivity.

  12. Work productively in teams while using cultural global competence.

Private and Public Organizations Partnership Information or Requests for Proposals, Contact Information:

Valencia Sims, Facilitator

CEO + Marketing Director

Call/Text Career to 678-755-9895


Valencia Sims is the CEO + Marketing Director at Atlanta, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida-based Management Consultant Firm V-Source Office & Marketing LLC. Since 2003, Valencia Sims has worked with over 4,000 Entrepreneurs and has volunteered time in the Small Business Community to implement operational processes that sustain profitability for Entrepreneurs.

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