About Us.


V-Source Office & Marketing LLC is a Digital Marketing Management Consultant Firm that Executives partner with global Entrepreneurs and Professionals to develop and implement Business, Marketing, and Sales Plan strategies that sustain profitability.

Our Customer-Centric platform enables Entrepreneurs and Professionals the ability to connect with a Virtual Assistant 24/7 on our website or APP for business support. 

Since 2003 I've collaborated with Entrepreneurs and Professionals globally to improve their Operational Processes and Organizational Performance.

I am certified in Business Process Improvement, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Executive Influence, and Financial Accounting Foundations and Internal Controls 

As CEO at V-Source Office & Marketing LLC I provide the resources and tools that enable Entrepreneurs and Professionals access to Small Business Support and through my expert experience and knowledge, I advise and guide clients on how to interact with B2B service clients and B2C product consumer customers; what motivates clients and customers to buy, and how to pivot a business to adapt and survive online in an electronic commerce business world. 

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