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About Us.

Valencia Sims, CEO V-Source Office & Marketing LLC

PMI Certified CEO

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V-Source Office & Marketing LLC is a Management Consultant Firm where our Executives partner with global Entrepreneurs and Professionals to devise and implement strategies to sustain profitability. Clients can connect with a Virtual Assistant on our corporate website 24/7, schedule a meeting with an Advisor, or join our Small Business Community Groups.


Since 2003 I've collaborated with Entrepreneurs and Professionals globally to improve their Operational Processes and Organizational Performance.

Certified in Business Process Improvement, Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, Executive Influence, Financial Accounting, Internal Controls, and Implementing Supply Chain Management. 

Dedicated to providing the resources and tools that enable our Entrepreneur and Professional clients access to profitability and growth-sustaining partnerships. Through my expert experience and knowledge, I advise and guide clients on how to interact with B2B service clients and B2C product consumer customers; what motivates clients and customers to buy, and how to pivot and scale a business to adapt and survive virtually in an electronic commerce business world. 

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