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Diverse Ownership Competitive Advantage

Updated: Apr 20

V-Source Office & Marketing LLC is a SupplierGateway Diverse Ownership Certified Woman Owned Business. This Diverse Ownership certification recognizes the 20-year commitment from our CEO, Valencia Sims to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that she has exhibited in all of our business practices since 2003 and into the Future.

We are proud to be recognized for our efforts to be a diverse-owned business. As a company, we affirm that diversity and inclusion are essential to sustaining a strong and vibrant Small Business Community, and V-Source Office & Marketing is committed to doing our part.

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are using our Diverse Ownership Certification to form partnerships with Private and Public Organizations in our community. Specifically, non-profit organizations that support programs for Youth ages 16-24. These organizations' leaders are encouraged to connect and gain program support from us.

I am grateful for my opportunity to serve the Small Business Community in the Atlanta, Georgia market as well as in the Jacksonville, Florida market and I look forward to continuing to connect and support all of our Small Business Community Members.

Contact Us for information on how we partner with Private and Public Organizations.


Valencia Sims is the CEO + Marketing Director at Atlanta, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida-based Management Consultant Firm V-Source Office & Marketing LLC. Since 2003, Valencia Sims has worked with over 4,000 Entrepreneurs and has volunteered time in the Small Business Community to implement operational processes that sustain profitability for Entrepreneurs.

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