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eBook Audio: Outsourcing and How to Implement into Your Business 'Virtual Business Secret Sauce'

Updated: Jan 24


🎧 5 Minute Listen and Learn: Outsourcing and How To Integrate Outsourcing Into Your Business a 'Virtual Business Secret Sauce' eBook audio podcast written, produced, and facilitated by Valencia Sims, CEO @VSOURCE

Outsourcing and How to Integrate Outsourcing into Your Business is a ‘Virtual Business Secret Sauce' eBook audio podcast that empowers Entrepreneurs and Professionals to improve operational processes and organizational performance through integrating the surefire success strategy of Outsourcing, a business topic relevant to profitability and sustainability.

Virtual Business Secret Sauce' is an audio eBook B2B/B2C service product that delivers quick and easy-to-focus-on, listen to, and comprehend marketing ideas and business solutions that will give any business operating in electronic commerce a competitive advantage. Suitable for all business interests.

Valencia Sims, Writer

2905 E Point St Unit 90733

Atlanta, GA 30364

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