Employment Program Report

Updated: Jul 10

V-Source Office & Marketing by a donation to Goodwill of North Georgia has already changed a woman named Cassy's Life!

Cassy needed a career to provide for her son. As a 30-years-old recovering drug addict, Cassy came to Goodwill for a fresh start and a new career as a welder. Cassy was among the best in the class and pressed on through a minor injury when a spark got under her helmet. Cassy also overcame personal obstacles including a mandatory daily appearance at drug court and challenges with the residential home in which she was living. Because of the funds donated to Goodwill of North Georgia by V-Source Office & Marketing through our Employment Program, graciously provided by gifts from members of our Small Business Community, Cassy landed a welding job and is thrilled for the opportunity to follow her dreams.

“We are confident that this position will be a stepping stone towards her long-term goal of owning her own car shop or welding business.”

Valencia Sims, CEO + Marketing Director



p: 678-755-9895


Thank you for your gifts! Let's chat soon! Connect with me on LinkedIn!

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